Your business giving kids a brighter future

Its Time Foundation provides clean, free energy for remote Pacific Island schools, transforming the education and life prospects for the kids and their communities. It’s a truly life-changing initiative that also addresses climate change by reducing diesel consumption (and, as a bonus, reduces ocean plastic pollution).

“It’s great we smaller businesses can now partner.  Proud to be involved and it sends a really positive message to our customers. Collectively we can make huge difference in these kids lives.”  Sam Gardel, Owner, Gardel Electrical

“Over the 10 years supporting Its Time, we see clearly the difference we make. It’s a solid program we recommend. It’s also a good story we share, not only with customers, but our staff love the fact we are involved. ”  Sean Guzzi, National Channel Manager, Clenergy Australia

Your business can make a real difference and become a Solar Schools Business Partner.

Helping kids and contributing to a fairer, cleaner world is a great corporate social responsibility story. It’s a great story share with staff and customers and to network with like-minded businesses.

  • Any business can contribute monthly or otherwise to a Partner Level that suits them. The terms of the relationship are flexible and up to you. See calculator below. Also, neat ways solar businesses can support by donating a fraction of a cent per watt installed or sold.
  • You make an initial commitment for the first month/s.  We send future “Invitations to Donate” based on the previous period’s contribution, but you can adjust the amount to suit you and the Partner levels adjusts accordingly.
  • You can choose to pay up to 24 months in advance.  That makes life easier for you and great for the kids because we put the funds straight to work.
  • The partnership level is calculated on the monthly average from the start of the partnership OR the monthly average from today to partnership expiry date (inc. a 3 month grace period) – whichever is greater.


Your business appears on the Partner List and Map

A canvas print for your office. Additional copies at cost.

Solar Schools Partner Logo for website, socials, invoices etc.

Resources for your website and socials

All above +

Photo book with logo.

Thank you letters from. kids.

Video with your logo.

All above +

Print from a project site with your logo on a banner.

Recorded interview (on-line) with founder for web and socials.

Its Time Founder available to speak to your staff (on-line) and share the story of your support.

All above +

Personalised videos from site (founder, school leaders and kids).

Invited as a guest of honour at a project opening ceremony.

Founder is available to speak at a customer or staff event (on-line or potentially live, pending location and travel arrangements).


Contact us and let’s discuss how we can engage.


Contact us and let’s discuss how we can work together.

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