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Its Time Foundation

Its Time Foundation delivers renewable power solutions for remote Pacific Island schools with the dual objectives of reducing carbon emissions and enhancing education in the target communities.

Contributors are engaged with the outcomes and we hope, through that experience, they are motivated to be more effective stewards of the world we live in. Particularly young people who are tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, teachers, parents … they will soon have the world’s future in their hands.

An important note about costs

While we run the foundation in a highly professional manner significant amounts of our operating costs are volunteer or donated. This along with the support of our equipment and service sponsors allows us to deliver maximum value from every donated dollar. The price support of our equipment sponsors significantly exceeds our already low administrative costs, therefore effectively negating all our administrative costs.

Our history

Its Time was founded in early 2007 by Rob Edwards.

Prior to establishing the foundation Rob spent considerable time designing business systems for another not-for-profit (School Aid) where he helped raise $1.5M to rebuild education facilities in disaster regions — including a new school in Aceh destroyed in the Asian tsunami, $.5M to Beslan community in Russia after the 2004 hostage crisis and repairs following cyclone Larry. The “outreach” objectives were to enhance the lives of children in disaster regions. The “inreach” objective was to show students at home that their small fundraising efforts could make a real difference — with the hope that they move into society as more caring and philanthropic adults.

In 2007 we launched the Cool Schools project that provided tools and encouragement to schools in Australia to raise funds with the aim of installing back-to-grid solar systems at their school. This process showed students that collective small efforts can make a difference in the fight against climate change. While many schools embraced this project, it was suspended in light of the incoming government’s Solar Schools initiative that achieved our objectives. Perhaps the Its Time model and the hundreds of student letters to the Australian government had some influence on government policy.

While delivering the Cool Schools initiative, we researched the remote island projects that we now invite you get involved in. In 2008 Rabi High School was chosen as the site for a pilot installation for the current focus of the foundation. The Foundation then moved in to the fundraising phase that we hope will result in hundreds of systems installed in schools across the Pacific. We look forward to you joining us on that journey.

Its Time Foundation Fund is a public fund (registered charity) listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations under item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. We are not acting on behalf of any supplier, marketing group or peak body and have no association with any political or religious organization.


Our board

Our board members volunteer their time with strong and consistent commitment to the mission of the Its Time Foundation.

Rob Edwards


Rob is the founder of Its Time Foundation. He worked in the health industry for twenty-five years including five years in cardiac rehabilitation and two years with disadvantaged youth. He was Managing Director of Health Futures Pty Ltd (1992-2008), leaving that position to focus on It’s Time. When not working with the Foundation, Rob is a professional speaker (www.robedwards.co). Rob’s wife Annette also works with It’s Time and together they have four children Kate, Amy, Mitch and Emma whose future, along with all the other young people in the world, will be determined by the actions of current generations.


Sean Gordon


Sean Gordon is the Founder of School Aid Trust. He has been the principal of four schools in two states over eighteen years, and after serving on many state and national peak association committees for principals (APPA, ACPPA, APAPDC and ACSP), was awarded Life Membership of the Australian Primary Principal’s Association (2004) and the Australian Catholic Primary Principals’ Association (1991). Sean’s community involvement saw him recognised as an ambassador for the Year of the Outback, Gold Duke of Edinburgh recipient and Premier of NSW Award for his involvement in the Thredbo landslide rescue. Sean and his wife Jo-Anne live in Redcliffe, Queensland where they share the parenting of four beautiful children Josie, Caitlin, Michael and Cristin.


Peter Bickerton


He is a member of the Federal Public Service and is currently employed as a senior executive officer within the Health and Ageing portfolio. He has a strong history of supporting the community and over the past twenty years has held honorary positions as director, secretary, treasurer, manager and coach of various sporting and industry user groups. He is currently the vice-president of the Queanbeyan golf club. Always interested in caring for the environment and keen to play a more active role in this area, he is looking forward to making a positive difference. Peter lives in Canberra with his wife Lorrie and has sons Peter, David and Steven


Peter Townsley


Peter is an accomplished international CEO with over 30 years experience, Peter has led technology driven companies (including ASX listed and US Fortune 500 public companies) in Australia, Asia and Europe. He is currently involved in 2 online start up businesses, one focused on financial services and the other multi-media publishing and promotion.

With a strong affinity to meaningful environmental and community issues, Peter also looks to apply his business skills and experience to significant NFP causes. It is this that attracted him to join the board of Its Time in 2014.


Privacy and data security

Its Time Foundation is committed to keeping your details private. We do not pass on or sell any of your personal details to others for the purpose of promotions or any other activity. We use your information to identify your donation, communicate with you occasionally to send newsletters, updates, certificates or other activities related to the Foundation’s activities.

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