Its Time Foundation delivers renewable power solutions for remote Pacific Island schools, transforming education outcomes and reducing carbon emissions.



It's life changing

Many island schools struggle with no electricity supply – or rely on dirty diesel generators they can barely afford to run a couple of hours per day. The kids have little or no chance of a modern education. Its Time Foundation provides clean, free electricity for lighting and computers and transforms the education and prospects for these kids.

Less emissions

While the schools are not major emitters on a world scale, the projects are helping these communities take diesel generators offline and drastically reduce their carbon footprint. The school community’s are proud of doing their part in the fight against climate change. The solar system provides an immediate and relevant opportunity for education about climate change and sustainability.  We also do education sessions with all in the school community.

Money saved buys resources

The money saved on generator fuel creates decades of cash flow to buy computers and other desperately needed education resources. Considering most of our target schools have very few or no computers available for student use this is a powerful investment in the kids’ opportunity for a modern education.

Quality and great value

We use premium equipment and maintain the systems, so the schools will enjoy the benefits for decades. All business partners, not for profit and individual supporters receive detailed reports with images and videos, so they can see exactly where and how their contribution is making an impact in kids’ lives. The Yasawa, Taveuni and nearby islands are now targets – full of kids hoping we will give them a brighter future.

An extra bonus for the environment

When schools receive a solar system, they commit to spend 15 minutes each week picking up plastics – ocean drift plastics as well as their own. This simple commitment reduces marine plastics, but more importantly it gives young people a sense of ownership and belief that they can influence and be part of a more sustainable world. 

Your support makes a real difference. Every dollar counts.

You’ll give a modern education to generations of kids. You’ll massively increase the quality of life of teachers and their families. You’ll remove the health and fire risk of kerosene lanterns. You’ll put huge smiles on the mums’ and dads’ faces who now see their kids getting a fair chance at a modern education. You’ll make a small, but real reduction in carbon emissions. Thanks for your support.

31 schools so far. 200 to go.