20 schools so far - 250 to go - we'll get there.

It's life changing

Many island schools struggle with no electricity supply – or rely on dirty diesel generators they can barely afford to run a couple of hours per day. The kids have little or no chance of a modern education. Its Time Foundation provides clean, free energy for lighting and computers and utterly transforms the education and prospects for these kids. It can mean the start of computer education at the school. And the money saved on generator fuel creates decades of cash flow to buy the computers.

What a neat way to do reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

Map: Red = installed. Blue = next projects.

Quality and great value

We use premium equipment and maintain the systems, so the 18 schools to date will enjoy the benefits for decades. Yasawa and Taveuni are now targets – full of kids hoping we might give them a brighter future. You will receive a detailed report and see exactly where and how your donation is spent. And the value of your donation is boosted by our equipment sponsors – including Simpliphi Power who are running a parallel campaign in the US to fund lithium batteries – we hope that will effectively double the value of your contribution.

You'll make a real difference today. Every dollar counts.

You’ll give a modern education to generations of kids. You’ll massively increase the quality of life of teachers and their families who are happy pay a small fee for 24 hour power and that money also buys more education resources. You’ll remove the health and fire risk of kerosene lanterns. You’ll put huge smiles on the mums’ and dads’ faces who now see their kids getting a fair chance at a modern education. You’ll make a small, but real reduction in carbon emission. Thanks for your support.