Sponsorship levels and recognitions

When projects are complete you receive a detailed report showing exactly where and how your donation is helped.  Also:

$25 – $900 Power Champions receive a personalised, ready to print and frame, image of smiling kids and the solar system where your donation is spent.

$1000 – $9000 Student Champions receive a personalised handwritten letter from a student – kids love doing that. Plus the recognition above. Every $1000 raised creates decades of power for 2 to 3 student positions at a school.

$10,000 – $19,000 Study Group Champions receive a personalised photo book depicting the solar system construction. Plus recognitions above. If you are a business we can help create PR material, video with your logo and images you can use on your website to share your corporate social responsibility initiative.

$20,000 – $39,000 Classroom Champions receive a personalised video and canvas print. You are invited as a special guest to the opening ceremony. The village really does puts on a celebration. Plus recognitions above.

$40,000+ Whole School Champions are welcomed as the guest of honour at a ribbon cutting ceremony. A photo book, canvas print, image set and video depicting the opening ceremony. Plus the recognitions above. Actual project costs vary, for example, one project requires over one kilometer of underground cabling to wire up 20 teachers’ homes, whereas other projects are simpler. Please contact Its Time directly for exclusive sponsorships (+61 2 8003 4143).

Please note, the You Caring donation platform has no fees, but asks you to leave a ‘tip’. The tip does not go to the Fiji projects. Australian donations are tax deductible. Receipts are issued to all donors at the end of each month.

You’ll make a real difference today. Every dollar counts.

You’ll give a modern education to generations of kids. You’ll massively increase the quality of life of teachers and their families who are happy pay a small fee for 24 hour power and that money also buys more education resources. You’ll remove the health and fire risk of kerosene lanterns. You’ll put huge smiles on the mums’ and dads’ faces who now see their kids getting a fair chance at a modern education. You’ll make a small, but real reduction in carbon emission. Thanks for your support.

Millianna’s story

Meet 7-year old Millianna who lives on Kioa Island, Fiji. Until recently, her school could only afford power for a few hours a day using an unreliable generator. Her only technology experience had been when Mr Moui, the head teacher, showed her his computer. Eyes wide, she could only dream of being able to explore the world of information she’d glimpsed on his screen. Like so many other children living in remote and hard to reach locations, Milli was being left behind on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Solar energy combined with storage provides an obvious solution and a world-changing opportunity to remote Fiji schools. However, the up-front cost of these systems makes it challenging to purchase the solar + storage equipment for clean power 24/7, even though the total energy costs disappear over time when diesel generators are replaced with renewable generation.

Several years ago, her future prospects changed dramatically when the Its Time Foundation installed a solar system at Kioa Primary. Now Milli and her classmates have access to a modern education with computers funded by displaced fuel costs and powered by Fiji’s abundant sun. Her school even had enough savings to rebuild their library and to begin adult classes such as a multi-media course on new farming techniques from the Ministry of Agriculture.