Hi All

On the surface we have been quiet with no new installations so far this year, but this week we mobilise to Rabi Island in the North East of Fiji. It’s quite a remote school where we’ll install a 6 kw system for the school and four teachers’ homes – including full wiring of all the buildings.  I look forward to updating you soon on that project.

We have been busy in the background with surveys of a suite of projects we hope to install from Q3. Also, we had the opportunity of some funding to have all the 2023 projects inspected by an NZ inspector against AUS/NZ standards – and develop a set of QC guidelines to ensure we are delivering the best possible installations. That in itself is important, but it also has a significant positive impact on future maintenance demands of the systems. Please check out the video below for comments. 

Thank you again for your support. It is much appreciated and is making a real difference in these remote communities.

Best regards

Rob Edwards, Founder