A fundraiser for schools with 4 advantages plus 1 great incidental benefit


Raise larger amounts – without product handing, money collection or junk food.


Your students, fundraising for their purposes, incidentally give kids on remote islands the opportunity of a modern education and reduce carbon emissions and marine plastics

Whether it’s chocolates, a pie drive or other, usually a significant portion of the money collected goes to the chocolate company, baker or other supplier as the cost of the fundraiser. Imagine, rather than the cost of the fundraiser going to a business, it gives solar power to remote island schools, giving those kids the opportunity of a modern education – literally blackboards to computers. Reducing carbon emissions and marine plastics is a bonus. And, if you wish, we will provide videos, images and even Zoom in to connect your students with those incidental outcomes of their fundraiser. It’s quite a high level win/win.

Its Time Foundation supplies the high quality Fiji resort holiday prize, promotional resources and draws the raffle. Students and the school community sell tickets in the on-line raffle to family and friends – same as a paper raffle except the reach is wider and the average purchase value is much higher. 50% of the funds raised goes to the school.  

The school can run multiple raffles at the same time, so Year 8 for their end of year excursion and the environment group for native bee hives and so on. Real time reporting links allow you see exact amounts attributed to each raffle. There are no upfront payments, no minimum number of tickets to sell and raffles can be switched on and off at any time. Why not trial a raffle and see how it goes?

If you would like a zoom meeting for a demonstration with your fundraising committee please send an email.

Rob Edwards OAM
Founder, Its Time Foundation

How it works

Register your school and once verified you can start fundraising. Here are the key points:

  • By sharing a link or QR code, tickets are purchased online. As well as newsletters, social media etc. the custom printable resources make it easy to sell lots of tickets.  Check them out here.
  • Other resources include posters for shops, social media shares, QR codes for custom artworks, suggested text for newsletters, reminders etc. Open the resources panel.
  • Within 14 days of end of each month 50% of tickets sales is deposited into your account. For transparency, you have access to real time reporting of every ticket sale.  Your reporting looks like this.
  • Card and platform costs are 5%, but ticket buyers have the option to cover the costs. Actual costs are averaging approximately 2% – much less than commercial raffle platforms.
  • The prize is drawn at least four monthly (current raffle is 18 November), but you can start or stop a raffle at any time and it can seamlessly continue into the next draw period.

Newsletters, social media, mail outs, posters are great, but most important is to directly ask friends, family, associates and neighbours to buy a ticket – just like you would if given book of raffle tickets.


You control the display of beneficiaries

You set a preference for your raffle:

  • Option 1 does not show Its Time Foundation as a co-beneficiary. This makes the raffle presentation simple and more focused on your fundraising purpose. That’s fine because 50% is a reasonable cost for a prize of this quality. An example of Option 1.
  • Option 2 mentions Its Time Foundation as co-beneficiary in the header and footer. An example Option 2.
  • Option 3 is limited to schools that have chosen to raise funds specifically for Its Time Foundation school solar projects – all funds go to Its Time Foundation. An example of Option 3.

About Its Time Foundation, Charity status etc.

Please note, Its Time Foundation is registered in NSW where a charity does not require a licence is to conduct raffles with prize value less than $30,000 – as is the case for these raffles.  In practice, your school is selling tickets for Its Time and we then donate 50% to the school. Therefore, there is no need for local provisions for the raffle. Please contact if that requires further explanation.