A fresh new marketing opportunity for Fiji properties. Plus you create brighter futures for Fijian kids and the environment.

Sure, Its Time Foundation is about helping kids and the environment, but please first consider this a new marketing opportunity. Through our growing list of partners (see below) your property is showcased to thousands of potential new customers and your Book Now Bonus button is always just a click away from them.
Thanks to Paradise Taveuni and Blue Lagoon Beach Resorts we have hosted successful raffles over recent years. Soon we will launch a platform with many properties as a ‘potential’ holiday prize. Note, only one property is chosen by the winner. So, it’s highly likely you will gain substantial exposure and not be required to deliver anything at all.
If you are chosen, you are welcomed to stay fully listed/visible for three quarters, with our acknowledgement and gratitude, but not be available as the prize for that period.
There are no fees to be involved.
You are helping us give kids on remote islands a modern solar powered education, plus reducing carbon emissions and plastics. That’s wonderful in itself, but it’s also a powerful corporate social responsibility story, so we’ve also designed ‘Exclusive Raffles’ that you can use to re-engage previous customers and gain repeat bookings. I look forward to a conversation.
Rob Edwards OAM
Founder, Its Time Foundation.


You can be part of Public Raffles and/or Exclusive Raffles.

The Public and Exclusive raffles appeal to different markets.  Let’s get you on the Public Raffle first, then later consider the Exclusive Raffle as an additional marketing strategy and CSR story for your property.


Your Public Raffle Listing

Thanks to Paradise Taveuni and Blue Lagoon Beach Resorts we have, in recent years, hosted successful raffles. The holiday prize was offered by a single resort at a time. We are now launching a new platform where the winner of the Public Raffle chooses from many properties. Still only one winner to choose one prize, so it’s unlikely you will be asked to actually deliver a holiday prize.

To significantly increase exposure, we we recently piloted a shared revenue model with 20 not for profit organisations – they share in the raffle revenue for their purposes. That was a great success and the list is now growing. Soon we are expanding that to Schools, Rotary, Lions, Sports clubs and others. First in Australia then NZ, UK, US, Europe and Japan. All new eyes looking at and potentially booking your property.

We invite you to register now and offer a prize that, should you be chosen by the winner, is delivered between Jan. 2023 and May 2024 – when you have availability and you can apply blackout periods. The prize is at least 5 nights and breakfasts (4 nights for high end resorts) or equivalent holiday experience, for example, 4 nights and full meal packages or cruise, expedition, dive trip etc.

AND your Book NOW Bonus button, website and socials are always a click away from ticket buyers.


What we do:

  • Manage the raffle process.
  • Continually grow the number of non-profit raffle partners. Therefore growing exposure of your property for potential new bookings. 
  • We encourage browsers to subscribe to your mailing list and follow your socials. Yes, we publish your website and socials!
  • We have a USD16,000/month Google ads charity grant that will be devoted to promoting the Public Raffle.
  • After each draw, all previous ticket buyers and the Its Time Foundation database are notified of the winner and invited to re-engage, so your property has growing on-going exposure.  

What you do:

  • List your property – Use some text and images that you already apply for marketing and add direct links to your website and socials. We’ll set it up pre-launch for you ready to go.
  • Offer a holiday prize for the November draw. To catch the eye of potential customers, you can make the holiday as amazing as you wish.
  • Edit your optional Book NOW Bonus panel to encourage immediate direct bookings.
  • Add posts about activity and special deals at your property.

Your Exclusive Raffle

Hosting a raffle with your property as the exclusive prize is a powerful tool to gain repeat bookings and new ones from their friends. Sharing that you are helping kids on remote islands get a modern education, plus reducing carbon emissions and ocean plastics is a fresh, genuine story to capture the attention.

A stay at your establishment is the only prize and the prize inclusions are at your discretion. 

What we do:

  • Mange the raffle process and draw the raffle – providing a video of the witnessed random number selection for you to share if you wish.
  • Ensure your Book Now Bonus button and links to your website and socials are always a click away to encourage new direct bookings for you.
  • Each draw, notify current and previous ticket buyers of the raffle winner. Including clear appreciation of your support and encourage them to check out your website and socials.
  • Ticket buyers also get occasional updates about the about the Solar Schools Projects. All communications have a clear thank you to and link to your property.

What you do:

  • Offer a holiday raffle prize drawn one to six months in the future – you choose the draw date. 
  • Use your mail lists and socials to share the raffle and the story about how you are helping kids’ and the environment. It’s a genuine, eye catching interaction with repeat and potential new customers. We have created a set of marketing resources for you to use.

Please note, we are acutely aware of the great support many resorts give to local charities and we are considering a sharing strategy in that regard.


  • Commit to prize of at least 5 nights and breakfasts (4 nights for high end resorts) or equivalent holiday experience, for example, 4 nights and full meals packages or cruise, expedition or dive trip.
  • Your property has at least three separately rentable rooms, bures, cabins or equivalent experience.
  • The property is at least a three star or can justify similar standard/experience/adventure. Contact if unsure.
  • You are not a hotel where more than 50% of our clientele are in travel transit and only stay for only one or two nights.


Some perspective

We are a long standing charity with a great track record of helping kids in Fiji. Herewith is a big idea that we have invested in significantly, so may we ask a few things of you:

  • Firstly, please give it a go. It’s all upside for you and we need a solid group resorts to launch to launch the Public Raffle project.
  • Please ask questions and send your ideas. Long-term tourism operators will have many questions and pearls of wisdom and referrals that will help this project achieve its full potential.
  • Please share the story – it’s a good one.


Any questions or request a Zoom meeting please email or call +61 413 734 916.