A fresh new marketing opportunity for tourism properties. Wrapped in a positive story of sustainability and helping those in need And shine an extra boost to your sustainability – offsetting carbon

Impact you create

You will help make the world a little more sustainable. Reduced carbon emission by replacing diesel generators in remote island schools. Reduce ocean plastic helping protect marine and bird life. Plus giving forgotten kids on remote Pacific island the opportunity of a renewably powered modern education. You also have the opportunity to include a local charity as a beneficiary.

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Market Engagement

The positive message and opportunity to win a holiday is an ideal opportunity to engage repeat and new customers. It’s a good story to share, links back to your site, fresh social media approach/assets, exposure to Its Time Foundation database, capture new people on your mailing database. 

The raffle is an easy and unique marketing strategy for your property to re-connected with previous customers and to come to the attention of new ones. And it’s a great story as you help reduce help reduce carbon emissions and create other valuable environmental and social impacts.
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Key points below:
  • If you choose to include a local beneficiary it does complicate the message a little to people considering entering and take a little more work for us to vet and set up that realtionshi[p. OR IT IS CERTAINLY A SIMPLE MESSAGE TO HAVE A SIGNLE BEENFTRICY ITS TIME, BUT SOEM PROPROPTIES WILL WAN TO spilt the benefits with a local charity – we can do that for you.
You are helping us give kids on remote islands a modern solar powered education, plus reducing carbon emissions and plastics. That’s wonderful in itself, but it’s also a powerful corporate social responsibility story, use to re-engage previous customers and gain repeat bookings. I look forward to a conversation.
Rob Edwards OAM
Founder, Its Time Foundation.
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you can opt to have an image on your website so general browsers who get a ticket can be added to database (opt in)
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Your Exclusive Raffle

Hosting a raffle with your property as the exclusive prize is a powerful tool to gain repeat bookings and new ones from their friends. Sharing that you are helping kids on remote islands get a modern education, plus reducing carbon emissions and ocean plastics is a fresh, genuine story to capture the attention.

A stay at your establishment is the only prize and the prize inclusions are at your discretion. 

What we do:

  • Mange the raffle process and draw the raffle – providing a video of the witnessed random number selection for you to share if you wish.
  • Ensure your Book Now Bonus button and links to your website and socials are always a click away to encourage new direct bookings for you.
  • Each draw, notify current and previous ticket buyers of the raffle winner. Including clear appreciation of your support and encourage them to check out your website and socials.
  • Ticket buyers also get occasional updates about the about the Solar Schools Projects. All communications have a clear thank you to and link to your property.

AND your Book NOW Bonus button, website and socials are always a click away from ticket buyers.

and raffles have 18 month expiry

What you do:

  • Offer a holiday raffle prize drawn one to six months in the future – you choose the draw date. 
  • Use your mail lists and socials to share the raffle and the story about how you are helping kids’ and the environment. It’s a genuine, eye catching interaction with repeat and potential new customers. We have created a set of marketing resources for you to use.

Please note, we are acutely aware of the great support many resorts give to local charities and we are considering a sharing strategy in that regard.

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