Quality Fijian Holiday Raffles

A simple, on-going fundraiser for Rotary

This raffle initiative has an exceptional prize offering and automatically starts anew at regular intervals, usually every four months. So, it’s working continuously to supplement your club’s existing fundraising activities.

Its Time Foundation supplies and manages the prize, provides customised promotional resources and draws the raffle. You register, name your raffle and add bank deposit details. Then, once verified, your members sell tickets to friends and community and a monthly deposit appears in your club’s account. There are no sign up fees or upfront payments, no minimum number of tickets to sell and you can switch the raffle on or off at anytime – why not try it for a month and see how it goes?

You receive 50% of the sales revenue, less card costs. The retained funds are a reasonable cost for a prize of that quality. Rather than going to a resort owner to purchase the prize the retained funds are used to install solar in remote Pacific Island schools and to reduce marine plastics, here’s some examples. That incidental outcome of your fundraising fits neatly with Rotary’s new focus on sustainability – and you can take credit for contributing to that.

Please take a moment to consider the details below. If you would like to arrange a call or zoom meeting for a demonstration with your fundraising committee please send an email.

Rob Edwards OAM
Rotarian and Founder of Its Time Foundation

Via the raffle page and their receipt, ticket buyers are invited to visit your website – let’s hope new members and other support follows.   “As a result of our club raffle we just gained a new member.” 14/7/22, Simone Collins, Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

How it works

Register your club and once verified you can start fundraising. Here are the key points:

  • Within 14 days of end of each month 50% of tickets sales (less costs) is deposited into your account. For transparency, you have access to real time reporting of every ticket sale and deposits.  Click for short video overview.
  • Card and platform costs are 5%, but ticket buyers have an option to cover the costs. Currently the actual costs are averaging approximately 2%. Please note, costs of most commercial raffle platforms exceed 6%, plus you need to buy and manage the prize.
  • Tickets are purchased online. Your supporters share a link or QR code to invite others to buy tickets. You have access to printable resources that allow ticket sellers to have a physical interaction with potential ticket buyers.  Click here to learn more.
  • Resources include posters to put in small stands for shops instead of cash donations boxes. Plus other resources and suggestions so your raffle quietly ticks along raising funds for your club. Click and open these panels to see all the resources.
  • The current raffle is drawn 18 Nov. and new ones start every three to four months after that. So, they work continuously for you without any re-set action required.


You control the display of beneficiaries

When logged in you set a preference to either:

  • Option 1 that does not show Its Time Foundation as a co-beneficiary. This makes the raffle presentation simple and purely focused on your organisation and purpose. That’s fine because 50% is a reasonable cost for a prize of this quality. Here’s an example.
  • Option 2 mentions Its Time Foundation as co-beneficiary. Here’s an example.

Some clubs raise funds specifically for Its Time Foundation. In that case 50% is still deposited monthly into your account and when the fundraising period concludes you make a donation directly to Its Time Foundation. This means that your raffle link can continue to be used for your next purpose.

We use this at our club, Sydney Cove. Members embraced it and it’s a great success for our club’s objectives.  And it’s great that half of the ticket price puts solar on schools to help remote Fijian kids get an education. What a great way to serve both your club and the international community. Jeremy Wright AM, District Governor, 9675, 2021/22

Optional. Share the journey of the Solar Schools Projects.

Using the raffle for your purposes is incidentally helping these projects. You will receive occasional updates about the school solar initiatives that you may wish to share with club members (we have helped 24 schools to date). Indeed, without any request for funds, you are welcome to consider the projects as part of your international initiatives – plus reducing carbon emissions and ocean plastics fits neatly with Rotary’s new focus on sustainability.

Click for a brief overview of the projects.

Its Time Foundation structure, DGR status, etc.

Please note, Its Time Foundation is registered in NSW where no licence is required to conduct raffles with prize value less than $30,000 – as is the case for these raffles.  In practice, your organisation is selling tickets in raffles for Its Time as the initial/intermediate funds recipient. Its Time subsequently makes a contribution to your organisation, honouring your commitment to ticket buyers supporting your purpose. Hence you have no need for local provisions for the raffle. Please contact if that requires further explanation.

What next?

You can register now and start fundraising. Or we can arrange a call or Zoom meeting to answer any questions: send an email with your contact details.