A simple, no cost fundraiser for Rotary clubs

This initiative was trialled with 16 Rotary clubs over three months from September 2021. It proved an overwhelming success, so we purpose built a user friendly, high transparency platform with club specific promotional resources. It’s now available for your club. 

Easy to manage and with a new raffle automatically starting every quarter, this can be a neat on-going opportunity to the side of your club’s other fundraising activities.

“Its Time Foundation has well established donated holiday raffles. So, when my club asked for fundraising ideas during COVID, I suggested they promote a raffle and have half the proceeds for their club objectives.  For supplying the prize and managing the system, Its Time Foundation uses the other half to give kids on remote islands a solar powered education and reduce emissions and plastics. Those outcomes are aligned with Rotary’s Education and Sustainability areas of focus. So, in addition to raising funds for your own purposes, your club is welcome to consider those outcomes as part of your impact for international communities – no direct contribution is requested for that.” Rob Edwards OAM, Its Time Founder and Rotarian.


“We trialled this at our club, Sydney Cove. Members embraced it and it’s a great success.  And half of the ticket price puts solar panels on schools to help remote Fijian kids get an education. What a great way to serve your Club and the community at the same time. Our club will continue to be part of the initiative and, as District Governor, I’m recommending it to clubs in my district. ” Jeremy Wright AM, District Governor, 9675 2021/22

How it works

Register your club and once we have verified the information, you can start fundraising. Here are the key points:

  • 50% of revenue is deposited into your club’s account – within two weeks after the end of each month. 40% goes to Its Time solar schools projects and 10% to Plastic Free Oceans  That’s possible because the quarterly raffles are fully donated.
  • Tickets are purchased online. So, there is no upfront payment or minimum ticket sales required. Simply direct people to your unique raffle page – it will look like this example.
  • For transparency, you have real time access to ticket sales. You can see full details in your dashboard and receive notifications if you choose. Ticket buyers may choose to have their name anonymous, but you see all other details of the purchase.
  • Card and platform costs are 5% minus ticket buyers optional contributions to costs.  The current average costs are less than 2%. Your monthly report shows the exact percentage. (Note, costs of most commercial raffle platforms exceed 6% plus you need to buy and manage the prize.)
  • Resources with custom QR codes to display in shops, at events, on newsletters and your website, provide a set and forget engagement with your community.
  • There is a new raffle each quarter, so the raffles will keep working to raise funds for your club.We expect the value of the prizes to increase during 2022, we will notify you as it changes.
  • After getting a ticket, the buyer is invited to visit your web site – perhaps a new member or two will result.

Please email any questions – please include phone number and organisation.  If available, Rob Edwards can zoom into a fundraising committee meeting to answer questions.

You are welcome share the journey of the solar projects.

Your club is welcome to consider the solar schools projects as one of your international outputs. If you wish, you can receive quarterly updates with images and videos to share with members – it’s a worthwhile story. There is no request for a direct contribution. Note, while some clubs do directly support the projects (since 2014) the projects are managed and delivered independently by Its Time. As well as the information on our website, here is a brief insight into our current activity: