“My Rotary club put out a call for fundraising ideas compatible with COVID restrictions because, like most clubs, cancelled BBQs, trivia nights and such are hitting us hard.  Then it clicked! I have a fundraiser that any club can use to raise funds for its own purposes. At the same time, help kids on remote islands in Fiji get a proper education.”

Rob Edwards OAM, Its Time Foundation Founder and Rotarian.

The video and notes explains this win/win opportunity. Club engagement is via the  form at the bottom of the page.

How it works

Its Time Foundation has a well established system of raffling donated resort holidays. Your Rotary club can promote the raffle to your networks to raise funds for your club. Here are the key points:


  • 50% of revenue goes to your club’s account to be sent at your discretion.
  • 40% goes to Its Time Foundation solar schools projects and 10% to Plastic Free Oceans (an Its Time initiative – this element/split was added 13 Sept. because its strong fit with Rotary’s new Sustainability area of focus)
  • All tickets are purchased online. So, 1. COVID friendly 2. No physical selling of tickets by club members 3. No minimum amount needs to be sold. 4. No upfront payment by the club.
  • Submit your details below. Once we verify the information, your club will appear on the ticket purchase form drop down list of clubs.
  • Use all your usual channels to promote the raffle. Consider engaging the people who otherwise would have supported your cancelled events.
  • You are welcome to consider the solar schools project as a club project. Delivering on Rotary’s education and new sustainability areas of focus. If so, you will receive updates, images and videos – smiling kids and solar panels is a nice story. The videos below describe the target project and context.


The details

  • Funds are deposited into your club’s bank account one week after the ends of Sept. Oct. Nov. and Dec. (less 3% bank charges).
  • At the time of the deposit you receive a report of all sales for the period. Aside from trust in light of our long relationship with Rotary, to assure all funds related to your club are remitted, the report includes: date – no. tickets – name – receipt number (buyers do have discretion to remain anonymous, but the other data is supplied), so we would leave ourselves highly exposed if we elected to omit a sale.
  • Raffle is drawn 20 Dec.
  • If a ticket buyer does not identify a club via the dropdown list: 1. they are asked where they heard about it and we will manually tag to your club if possible, 2. If unable to link some tickets to a club, all the unlinked purchases will be distributed pro-rata to participating clubs, based on their total ticket sales. That distribution will be after Dec.
  • Should Rotarians or their friends stray to our general raffle page, we have added two links pointing them onto the Rotary relevant page. If they did continue on the non-Rotary page there is a question in the ticket purchase form: “Where did you hear about us?”, so we’d try to manually link back to your club.
  • Here is a button/image you may wish to use in newsletters, web page and/or social media posts – to direct to the Rotary shared raffle
  • We are fully registered charity click here for details.

Should you require more information please contact us including yours and your club details. Rob, is available to zoom in to club board meeting to answer questions about the raffle.


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