Help install solar at Kabara District School

Kabara  District School is situated in Tokalau Village on the Island of Kabara, Lau group, Fiji. The Island is highly remote around 291 km or 17 hours by boat from the Suva. The school caters for 41 students from Kindergarten to year 8 catered for by 4 teachers and 1 KCE (kindy) teacher.

Like many Pacific Island schools, the remote Kabara District School is struggling with little electricity or occasionally relies on a dirty generator they can barely afford. Leaving the students with little chance of a modern education.
A quality solar system will provide the school with clean power for lighting and computers. This will transform the education and work prospects for generations of students at the school.

The school is underfunded and experiences a wide variety of problems of which lack of power is one of the biggest, because students cannot have a modern education. The school has a generator that is used infrequently because fuel is expensive and expensive to transport. Much of the funding received by the school (only $250 per child per year) is used for diesel, rather than on educational resources.

Solar will redirect that fuel cost back to precious education resources, including computers. And teachers will be pleased to no longer need to walk 6km to the next village Lamati to use the Wi-Fi when there is no fuel at the school.

We aim to raise $20,000 to install quality solar with long lasting lithium batteries. The system will be delivered by Its Time Foundation ( who has a long track record of installing solar in remote Fijian islands.