Wainimakutu High and Primary Schools

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Location: Viti Levu.
Google Maps search: Wainimakatu, Fiji (note it’s spelt differently on Google, in Earth view scroll NW about 1 km and the school is beside the road)









Fourteen teachers provide classes for 140 students from Year 8 to 12 in the high school and 5 teachers provide classes for 80 students in the primary school. The school draws students from the surrounding district, many walk long distances each day to get to school. Up to 40 students board at the school’s two dormitories. Eighteen teachers quarters are located in the school compound (three of those are currently under construction).

This community is even lower income than many we see, so the school generator is carefully limited to three or four hours per week in the daytime, that includes supply to the computer classes that began in 2013. The generator also runs for three to four hours each evening for night study and to supply the teachers’ quarters.

In 2012 the school installed five computers and commenced computer classes for senior years. Whilst a major milestone in the schools’ development, these classes were limited to daytime generator availability and evenings.

The all day power from the solar system will make a major difference at Wainimakutu — they will immediately expand their computer classes which are particularly important for senior secondary students.

System components: 20 x 235W Q CELLS solar panels, SB5000 and SI8.0H SMA Inverters, 4 x SB1802 1350Ah PowerStack battery banks, Clenergy Solar Terrace II ground mountings.

Thanks to primary funding by the FIJI Water Foundation and support from our equipment and service sponsors the project was completed on the 26th of September 2013.

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