A win-win initiative for Fiji resorts

There are not many Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities that represent a real win for all involved. We believe this genuinely is one (and don’t just take our word for it – see what Kylie Hogan from Blue Lagoon Beach & Paradise Cove Resorts has to say about it in the video below).

Who we are

Its Time Foundation is a registered charity installing quality solar power in remote Fijian schools to give those kids the opportunity of a modern education and to do our small bit to reduce carbon emissions. Importantly, we are not contacting you just on an idea and a promise – 22 schools projects so far means we are the real deal with solid track record. We also founded  Plastic Free Oceans that is now  incorporated in the solar projects (scroll to 2nd video)

Your invitation

We are inviting resorts to offer an accommodation package for an online fundraiser supporting these initiatives. It’s an opportunity for your resort to genuinely make a difference, both locally in Fiji and globally. You’ll be seen by repeat and potential new customers as a leader giving kids in remote communities a real chance at a modern education, reducing carbon emissions and helping reduce plastic in the oceans. This authentic initiative publicly raises your CSR profile and most likely will achieve a positive ROI for the business.  Indeed a genuine win-win. Expression of interest is at the bottom of the page.

How it works

Its Time Foundation will;

  • create a web page like this example detailing the prize and a form to buy tickets. The page includes a direct link to your resort, so visitors have an immediate connection with your business. You’ll approve this page before it goes live.
  • advertise to our database and post to our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter profiles on Its Time and Plastic Free Oceans.
  • do our best (there are limits) to use our Google Adwords grant to promote the raffle (Google CSR have approved us for US$16K monthly free Adwords advertising).
  • draw the raffle and notify the winner.
  • email all who entered, thanking them for their support. This can include a message from your property with a special offer in recognition of their support.
  • include your resort on the Its Time Foundation supporters map.
  • when the next Its Time solar project is completed;
    • send entrants a printable PDF certificate of appreciation and a project report. That email includes our thanks to and link to your resort – so there is longer term engagement with entrants bringing your resort to mind in the highly positive context of the part you’ve played in making real change.
    • supply you with a canvas wall print of the next solar project, acknowledging your support.

Your resort will;

  • supply an accommodation package as the centre piece of the prize. Ideally, 5-7 days with meals, ground transfers and at least 12 month redemption period starting after COVID travel restrictions are lifted from the winner’s country [The public presentation of the prize will also carry a note from Its Time, underwriting the prize for an equivalent should unforeseen circumstances require that. Also, an option for the winner to invite Its Time to auction the prize to other ticket buyers, should the winner not be able to take up the prize – with the winner receiving the funds].
  • perhaps tours, a dive etc. – up to you. Clearly indicate inclusions, exclusions and blackout periods.
  • supply an image for the web page. It may be a montage of several images presented as one image file (we can do that for you).
  • supply your preferred web link for people to explore and create an association with your property.
  • agree on a ticket price – minimum is AU$20 and maximum is AU$100.
  • email your database with a link to the web page. Ideally, three emails over the 12 week period of the raffle. At least one to introduce and another: “one week to go to enter the draw”. Also, parallel social media posts. (Aside from the greater good you are achieving, these highly positive market interactions are good for business with non-winners perhaps considering booking anyway – you can mention a deposit refund for the winner to encourage bookings at the time of ticket purchase.   Considering the winner will spend on drinks, diving etc. it may only need one new 2 – 4 night booking over the next two years to deliver a positive return – let’s hope for more.)
  • you may consider a flyer or compendium insert so current guests can enter. We can create the personalised artwork for you.


  • The prize may include add-ons supplied by other providers, but the primary accommodation provider will approve or veto all add-ons.
  • The funds raised are split between Its Time Solar Projects (70%) and Plastic Free Oceans (30%).  This will be made clear to entrants.
  • And if the initiative is as successful as you hope, we can do it as a regular activity for you.


Take a closer look at these videos to understand just how your support will make a difference


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To immediately discuss your involvement call Rob Edwards on +61 2 8003 4143 or +61 413 734 916