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Ratu Meli Memorial School

Rate Meli is a current target project. It’s featured here in support of an individual (Ruth Donoghue) who is keenly seeking donors for us to build this specific project. Please take moment to consider it.

The school is located on Nacula Island, Fiji (the school is to the left of the village).

It has both high school (37 students) and primary school (112 students) classes. 65 students are from more remote islands and board at the school during the term in two boarding houses. Teachers live in 9 teachers quarters in the school grounds.

The school has some old small and low quality solar systems which are failing and now use a generator to supply a couple of hours power per day to the school. The teachers’ quarters use lanterns, some small solar and small generators for their night power.

A new high quality solar system will transform the education for generations of kids at the school. They will have a modern computer education with the 24 hour power and the money saved on fuel will create cash flow to buy more laptops. Teachers can do their work computer work in school time rather using the generator at night. Night study will be easy and free. No more kerosene lanterns in teachers quarters. And it’s a little less carbon emission into the atmosphere. Click here for full benefit profile and example of the depth of project.

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