A simple, no cost fundraiser for Rotary clubs

This unique raffle initiative was successfully trialled with 20 Rotary clubs and is now available to your club or combined clubs’ project.  

With an exceptional prize offering (winners select from a range of high quality resort holidays) and a new raffle automatically starting every quarter, this platform works continuously as an on-going supplement your club’s existing fundraising activities.

Its Time Foundation supplies and manages the prize, provides customised promotional resources and draws the raffle each quarter. You control the raffle naming and display of beneficiaries, then simply sell tickets. Regardless of how many you sell, 50% of the value is deposited into your account each month. 

There are no costs or upfront payments and you can switch the raffle on or off at anytime, so can try it for say a month and see how it goes. If you would like to arrange a call or zoom meeting to discuss, click to send an email.

50% is a reasonable cost for a raffle prize of this quality anyway. But rather than that money going to a resort owner to buy the prize, the retained funds are used to install solar in remote Pacific Island schools giving those kids the opportunity of a modern education, plus a contribution to reduce ocean plastics.

Without any direct contribution, you are welcome to claim and share these initiatives as part of your international projects. It also fits neatly with Rotary’s new sustainability area of focus. 


Rob Edwards OAM
Founder, Its Time Foundation.

How it works

Register your club here and once we have verified the information, you can start fundraising. Here are the key points:

  • Tickets are purchased online therefore removing any need for upfront payment. You’ll see printable resources to allow ticket sellers a physical interaction with potential ticket buyers.
  • For transparency, you have access to real time reporting of all ticket sales. 
  • 50% of revenue is deposited into your account within two weeks of the end each month.
  • You have access to customised posters, QR code and images to display in shops, at events, on newsletters, your website and social media.  An easy way to increase revenue at your next sausage sizzle. Example resources.
  • Raffles are drawn, and new ones start, late May, Aug, Nov and Feb. So, the raffles are working continuously to raise funds for your club without any re-set action required by you.
  • Card and platform costs are 5%, but ticket buyers have the option to cover the costs, resulting in costs currently less than 2%. Your monthly report displays the exact percentage for your club. Please note, costs of most commercial raffle platforms exceed 6%, plus you need to buy and manage the prize.
  • After buying a ticket, the person is invited to visit your web site, so perhaps a new member or other support will result!



You control the naming and display of beneficiaries.

You decide raffle naming, for example, “The Rotary Club of Town Central” or “Combined Eastern Clubs End Polio Appeal” or “Nepal Days For Girls Project”.  You can change the name as your purposes change.

You also decide the display of beneficiaries:

  • Option 1 does not show Its Time Foundation as a co-beneficiary. This makes the raffle presentation simple and purely focused on your organisation and cause. That’s fine because 50% is a reasonable cost for a prize of this quality. Here’s an example.
  • Option 2 mentions Its Time Foundation (40%) and Plastic Free Oceans, an Its Time initiative (10%) as co-beneficiaries. Here’s an example.
  • Option 3 is limited to groups specifically partnering to raise money for Its Time Foundation solar school projects. All funds raised are retained by the Foundation. Here’s an example.


Any questions or to request a Zoom meeting send an email including your phone number and organisation name.

We trialled this at our club, Sydney Cove. Members embraced it and it’s a great success for our club’s objectives.  And half of the ticket price puts solar panels on schools to help remote Fijian kids get an education. What a great way to serve your club and the community at the same time. Our club will continue to be part of the initiative and, as District Governor, I’m recommending it to clubs in my district Jeremy Wright AM, District Governor, 9675 2021/22

Optional. Share the journey of the Solar Schools Projects.

Your use of the raffle for your purposes is incidentally helping these projects. So, your designated club contacts can receive quarterly updates about the school solar projects to share with club members.  So, without any request for funds, you are welcome to consider the projects as part of your international initiatives – plus reducing carbon emissions and ocean plastics fits nicely with Rotary’s new focus of sustainability. The below video gives an insight.