Yasayasa Moala College and Naroi District School

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Location: Moala Island , Fiji
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This is a single project supplying both Yasayasa Moala College (High School) and Naroi District School. Yasayasa Moala College has 106 students and 15 teachers providing classes from Year 9 to12 and a vocational class for carpentry and joinery. Naroi District School has 97 students and 5 teachers providing classes from Kindergarten to Year 8.

There are a total of 15 teachers’ quarters at the school. 3 dormitories house 50 students from Vunuku, Nasoki, Keteira, Cakova, Maloku, Nuku and Vadra.

The school and teachers’ quarters were receiving power from the school generator from 6 pm to10 pm daily. Daytime power was limited to 4 hours per day for only 3 to 4 days per week.

Because the system was installed after the school term it will not be until March 2016 that can deliver a more confident response about performance and savings. Although we expect the system to supply majority or all of power needs and produce a saving in excess of $12,000 per year.

This 6000W system installed December 2015 includes: 24 x Yingli 250W panels, 1 x SMA SB5000TL grid Inverter, 1 x SMA SI5048 remote inverter, 12 x Aquion S20P batteries, 1 x Clenergy ground mounting system. All tube lighting removed and replaced with LED globes. Installed electrical wiring in the administration building, library, 1 teachers’ quarters, dormitories, dining room and cooking room.

With the installation conducted during the school holidays, Rob Edwards’ visit to conduct the education component of the program is delayed until 2016, yet to be scheduled. Therefore images were collected by the installers, but unfortunately his phone was damaged and no photos were received. They will be collected when the school is visited again.

The project was funded by the Fiji Water Foundation. The project was completed Dec. 2015.

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