Salia Levu Primary School

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Location: Taveuni Island, Fiji
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Salia Levu has 37 students. 3 teachers provide classes from years 1 to 8. 3 teachers’ quarters are in the school precinct.

The school has a small diesel generator that would run during school days on a needs basis. It also runs for an average of three hours in the evenings to supply the teachers’ quarters. Otherwise and when fuel is low the teachers use kerosene lanterns.

The savings on fuel, kerosene and transport costs is approximately $3200 per year that will be used to promote computer learning at the school. At the time of installation the school received 17 electronic tablets.

System components: 8 x 250W Yingli solar panels, SB3000TL and SI3.3 SMA inverters, 4 x Aquion Energy S30 battery stacks, Clenergy Solar Terrace III ground mountings.

The project was funded by the Rotary Club of Taveuni, Middendorp Foundation, the Whitelaw family, PREVIOUSNEXT and a range of other donors in 2015 — you know who you are and the kids say thank you. The project was completed Feb. 2016.

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