Its Time Business Partners conference. “Proposed”

While an exciting concept this remains “proposed” for a number of reasons not least the COVID situation.  So please don’t make this a primary reason for choosing a partner level. But we do hope to offer a unique conference experience for partners in Fiji. With the positive support of the tourism sector there (they love what we do) you can expect it to be both a good value and a quality experience.  Perhaps it is an award for staff member/s of the year.

Likely highlights:


  • A one-day professional agenda with quality industry and left field speakers and activities.
  • Formal dinner.
  • A cruise/tour of some island projects for a day or two (maybe live aboard).
  • Plenty of kick back time to celebrate in the country where you are helping kids to have a brighter future. You will certainly be welcomed more than the average tourist.
  • We will explore the potential of it attracting professional development points.
  • Yes it will be carbon offset consistent with the environmental credentials of the foundation and business partners.

Details to follow when we have a clearer picture.