Other activities


Simple Activites

There are many small fundraising ideas that are easy to conduct, for example, a muffty day, a raffle, cake stall or gold coin collection. Or simply print and distribute the ‘donor form’ below and collect donations.

Big Events

A gala dinner, harbour cruise, golf day or trivia night can raise serious amounts of money and create a wonderful time for those involved. They do require careful planning and commitment from a small group of people. If you are considering an event like this please contact us and we are delighted to share ideas, check lists and so on.

An a-thon

Walk-a-thon, read-a-thon or any other ‘a-thon’ you like. Make sure it’s safe and manageable then you will have a very successful fundraiser that’s great fun. Below is a sample sponsorship from.

Here’s some resources and ideas.


You are making a serious difference

For some schools their resources budget increases by more than 20%. We encourage schools to invest in computers and other electronic capacity — for some schools it’s their first step into computer education.

In most schools generator power is limited to a couple/few hours per day. The solar systems deliver constant reliable daytime power for students, teachers and administration. No cost night study and less noisy generators running near classrooms is a bonus!

Where teacher’s quarters are in the school compound the constant power enhances their quality of life. Otherwise power is limited to few hours nightly. So remote schools are better able to attract quality teachers.

In many schools kerosene lanterns are no longer required in boarding houses and teachers’ quarters. Therefore removing their fire and health risks.