Natusara Primary School

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Location: Ono Island, Fiji.
Google Maps search: Ono Island Kadavu


The school is on Ono Island in the Kadavu group. Five teachers provides classes for 56 students. The school draws students from the nearby islands and villages. Most students board at the school’s two boarding houses. There are five teachers quarters housing the teachers and their families.

The school has a generator that runs in the evenings from 6 to 9 PM to supply teachers quarters, night study and for the teachers to do photocopying and other services requiring electricity.

System components: 10 x QCELLS 235W Solar Panels, SB3000 and SI6.0H SMA Inverters, 4 x SB1800 600Ah PowerStack battery banks, Clenergy roof mounting system, VIRIBRIGHT LEDs.