Lavena Primary School


Lavena Primary School

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Location: Island of Taveuni.
Google Maps search: Lavena, Northern Division, Fiji


Four teachers provide classes for 106 students from Year 1 to 8. The school draws students from the local village. Four teachers quarters are located in the school compound. The school generator is used for very limited periods during the day for school office needs. The school does not have computers for student use — this solar system will create the opportunity for the school to step into the age of computer education; due both to the access to plentiful power and the money saved to buy computers.

The generator runs for four hours each night to supply power to the teachers’ quarters and to the school for night study.

System components: 12 x 235W Q CELLS solar panels, SB3000 and SI6.0H SMA Inverters, 4 x SB1800 600Ah PowerStack battery banks, Clenergy roof mounting system.

Unfortunately the wiring at the school is incomplete and unsafe so we are rewiring the school and teachers’ quarters. Thanks to the generous support of several electrical suppliers we are getting the materials at an incredibly low price. A Wollongong electrician has kindly volunteered to supervise that part of the project.

Thanks to the primary funding support of Art Building Children’s Dreams (Australia), Rotary Club of Templestowe, The Rotary Club of Manningham, Deakin University Global Citizenship Program; and our equipment sponsors, the project was completed 15 October.