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Fun activities at school

Hey kids, you can stop students in remote schools being left behind. For some schools solar means they can start computer education. Can you image how tough it is for these kids leaving school without ever using a computer? Schools that do have computers can use them for longer and the school can buy other equipment with the money they save on generator fuel.

How about a Green Day or Walk-a-thon.  See what the teachers think about the idea.

A Green Day

Have a no-uniform day when everyone wears something green or a green ribbon.  Bring a donation to help install a solar system at a remote island school.  Green represents the environment and the fresh new education opportunities you will create for other kids.  Here are resources to help plan the day.

A walk-a-thon

A walk-a-thon is a bit more more work, but it can raise lot’s of money — and it gets heaps of other people involved because you will ask family and friends to sponsor you.  Plus it’s healthy and good fun. Here are some resources to help plan your walk-a-thon:


Kids creating education opportunities for other kids is a really cool way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and take a stand against climate change.