Great for kids. Great for the planet. Great for your business.

You can completely change the future for a generation of kids and do your bit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It’s a unique opportunity for your business to really make a difference and let customers, staff, suppliers and the community see that your business genuinely embraces the ideal of social responsibility.

It’s inexpensive and you’ll see exactly where and how your contribution is spent. You’ll have access to a range of engagement tools to celebrate your involvement. Use as few or as many these as you choose:


Photo book

Hard cover coffee table book personalised to include your logo.

See a sample.

Canvas wall print

Various image options to choose from that incorporate your logo.

See sample print.

Material for your website.

If you want content to create a CSR page on your web site, we’ll supply text, images and a personalised video.

See sample video.


A hand written letter from a student. The kids love doing that.

See a sample letter.

Updates and reports

You will receive a detailed project report from were your contribution is spent and we’ll keep in touch with occasional updates.


Press Release

We’ll send you sample text that you can share with local press and industry publications to share ours and now your story with your market.