A Green Day at work

It’s easy to organise and a fun thing to do. Choose a day and invite staff to wear something green or a green ribbon. Green represents the environment and the fresh new education opportunities you are creating.   Here are some resources to help:


You are making a serious difference

For some schools their resources budget increases by more than 20%. We encourage schools to invest in computers and other electronic capacity — for some schools it’s their first step into computer education.

In most schools generator power is limited to a couple/few hours per day. The solar systems deliver constant reliable daytime power for students, teachers and administration. No cost night study and less noisy generators running near classrooms is a bonus!

Where teacher’s quarters are in the school compound the constant power enhances their quality of life. Otherwise power is limited to few hours nightly. So remote schools are better able to attract quality teachers.

In many schools kerosene lanterns are no longer required in boarding houses and teachers’ quarters. Therefore removing their fire and health risks.