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What we do

Most remote Pacific Island schools depend on diesel generators for a couple/few hours each day for their electricity.  We install solar power so they have all day power and, instead of spending their very limited money on fuel, they can buy computers and other desperately needed education resources.  That means decades of new education opportunities and less carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.


The benefits last for decades

  • These projects can increase school resources budgets by more than 20%.  We
    encourage schools to invest in computer education and for some schools that creates their first opportunity to have computer classes.
  • In most schools the high cost of fuel limits electricity supply to only a couple of hours each day. They can now enjoy reliable all-day power and no cost night study is a bonus!
  • Less noisy generators running near classrooms.
  • Usually teacher’s quarters are located on the school property and receive generator power a couple/few hours each night.  The improved power supply enhances their quality of life. Remote schools are better able to attract quality teachers.
  • Less use of kerosene lanterns in boarding houses and teachers’ quarters reduces fire and health risks.
  • To a small degree these systems contribute to poverty proofing the communities by partly shielding villages from rising oil prices.
  • Hundreds of tonnes less carbon dioxide will enter the atmosphere.

“Inreach”  For those of you who join us on this journey we hope you’ll see that together we can create a better educated and more sustainable world.  You are making a real difference.


And quality is critical!

The islands have a history of cheap short lasting solar systems, generally and in the few schools that have them.  A corner stone of our projects is premium quality Q CELLS panels, SMA inverters, Clenergy high wind resistant mountings and Powerstack battery banks.  With the fantastic support of these companies and other supporters we are able to spend donor dollars more than one and a half times over — and that means quality systems that last.


Here’s some examples

Wainimakutu High and Primary Slideshow:



Lavena Primary Slideshow:


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Donors see exactly where and how their contribution is making a difference.  When a school solar project is planned you are sent an update with details of the school, project specifications and the benefits it will bring to the school.   When the project is completed you receive (emailed ready to print) a personalised certificate of appreciation with project details and pictures of the smiling kids at that school.

We are working to developing links between overseas schools and the remote island schools to develop relationships between students so they can share cultural and learning experiences.

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